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We are a small family run business based in Pendle Hill NSW and as you can probably tell, we’re mad about fruit trees. We hope you enjoy browsing our ever-changing range and looking for your new favourite, whether it’s a classic, a native or an exotic fruit tree.

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Sai Nursery (1126 Reviews)

Archana Kamath
2024 Mar 14
a month ago
I had an amazing experience at Sai nursery! The nursery boasts an impressive array of plants, with a special emphasis on Indian varieties, making it a treasure trove for plant enthusiasts. The owner was incredibly friendly and helpful, offering valuable assistance and guidance throughout my visit. I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed tips provided on how to care for each plant, ensuring that...

Harith Wickramasingha
2024 Apr 13
a week ago
Great buying experience. Bought two plants that were reasonably priced. They sent me a text outlining how to take care of the two plants too.

Jai Patel
2024 Jan 04
3 months ago
Sai Nursery has a collection of plants with a wide variety of mango, guava, curry leaves, hibiscus, neem and tulsi. The whole family from Yogesh or Aunty to the young one Aarav are extremely invested and helpful by also providing advice with extensive knowledge on each and every plant. The prices are reasonable and the quality of plants is the best I have seen in sydney.

Rahul Guha
2024 Mar 02
a month ago
Lovely family setting up a nursery in their yard - amazing choices of wide varierty of plants... we got some mangoes, Indian lotus, beetle leaves, pandan etc. Printed price a bit on the higher side compared to Marketplace or gumtree, but they gave us a fair deal when buying multiple plants... Would highly recommend a visit. Closed Mon and Tue.

priya hegde/kudva
2024 Mar 01
a month ago
This plant nursery is an absolute gem for those who appreciate Indian-origin plants. The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful, ensuring that each plant thrives in its new home. With reasonable prices and a welcoming atmosphere, it's a delight to visit this small nursery.

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Sai Nursery
4/14 Gilba Rd
Pendle Hill NSW 2145
Phone: (02) 8810 8644